Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way Eggs Benedictine

Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way Eggs Benedictine
Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way Eggs Benedictine

Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way Eggs Benedictine

Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way Eggs Benedictine, Walk right in with the expectation to a good start on your day! Start your day with a tasty souffle of Eggs Benedictine. Our way. Come and let your tummy envelope the warm and fluffy goodness of eggs lightly poached and seasoned to taste.
The sunshine warmth of the dish just enough to make you smile and anticipate another bite.
Creamy, smooth,fluffly eggs prepared with meat and sauce to taste.

Enjoy every bite of the wholesome combination of eggs, bread, veggie, candian bacon and sauce. The sans fat factor promotes light and healthy dining that will satisfy your hunger and your tastebuds.

Our biscuits are made with the creamy batter that blends effortlessly with the texture of the other sides included in this dish.

Tomato: just the right blend of sweet and sour to please the pallet.

Canadian bacon: just right seasoning and texture that puts a flavorful edge on the dish.

Hollandaise sauce: In house special delight that is a signature of our restaurant.

Overall dish: exquisite and smile worthy! Not only satisfaction but nourishment obliged as you consume inwardly while causing a smile outwardly.

Our eggs benedictine is carefully prepared with considerations of the enjoyment of our customers. Our restaurants are designed to invite trendy, cozy and casual dining.

Consequently, our food preparation and clean environment promotes inviting aspects to compel and welcome our customers.

We have a few locations. Open large windows to invite the sunlight in and fun decorum with a taste of French culture and warmness.

We intend to build rapport and camaraderie with our customers. Bien (good) service good food. We enjoy serving our customers and adding good tidings to their day via customer service satisfaction. We aspire to gain loyal customers who become familiar with our menu and our services. Customizing their dish will become second nature and they will become our valued friends. Our aim is to provide the right balance in food, service, atmosphere and more so that we might become a household name in your family.

Bienvenue (Welcome) to all patrons! Come and enjoy our Eggs Benedictine dish with a side of great hospitality, taste of french culture, and an invitation to a long-term friendliness and dining. We look forward to making good memories with you while warming your heart and satisfying your hunger with sunshine atmosphere, a smile and through the genuineness that we offer you here at our restaurants.

La Boulangerie Boul'Mich

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