Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery

Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery

Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery, La Boulangerie Boul Mich is a French café and bakery that is located in Aventura, Coral Way, and Key Biscayne. In Aventura, it is at 20475 Biscayne Boulevard at suite G7 and G8. In Coral Way, it is at 1242 Coral Way and in Key Biscayne, it is at 328 Crandon Boulevard at suite 125.

Why you should choose La Boulangerie Boul Mich (the Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery)

The following are some of the reasons why La Boulangerie Boul Mich, the Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery should be your food establishment of choice:
A wealth of experience This French café has been in existence for over a decade now. This means it has gained a significant amount of useful experience that translates to better products and services for clients.

Its premises offers clients an atmosphere that is relaxed, colorful and has a vintage appeal. This creates the right environment for eating and socializing. Such an unparalleled ambiance is rare and will keep clients going back to it so as to relieve the experience.

It has a team that consists of five qualified and experienced entrepreneurs. These individuals have extensively worked in the restaurant industry and know how to properly navigate its murky waters. This implies that clients that visit their establishments are guaranteed of getting nothing less than the best culinary experience.

Services offered
This Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery has a rich menu that attempts to achieve the delicate balance between healthy foods and fast foods. This menu is inclusive of the following items:

Their one of a kind breakfast consists of subcategories such as Eggs Benedictine, Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, Norwegian Benedictine, Scrambled Eggs Black Forest, Feta Cheese Omelette, Manhattan Omelette, Key West Omelette, Eggs Benedictine Florentine, Perico, Traditional Pancakes, New York Bagel, Sauteed Vegetable any style, French Toast, Tostadas Cream Cheese, Tostadas and Fresh Eggs made in any desired style among other interesting variants.

Bakery and pastries
This subcategory contains mouthwatering Gourmet Empanadas, Pan Brioche, Quiche, Spanish Tortilla, Plain Croissants, Nutella Croissants, Apple Croissants and Chocolate Croissants among other tasty options.

It offers a variety of fresh beverages to clients. They include coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, bottle of water, 1 liter bottle of water, 1 liter of sparking water, half a liter of sparkling water, chilled lemonade, fresh orangina, froid, glass of milk, hot gourmet tea, freshly brewe3d iced tea, fresh apple juice, sodas and its tasty ice tea.

Their exotic desserts include Napoleon, Eclaire, Fraiser, Coconut Mousse, Oreo Marquise, Bread Pudin, Opera, Key Lime Pie, Tres Leches, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Passion Fruit Tart, Mango Mousse, Raspberry Tart, Pear Tart and Peach Tart.

French style gourmet sandwiches
This finger licking range of sandwiches includes Le Club, California Style, Classic Turkey, New Orleans Style, Chicken Salad Supreme, Prime Roast Beef, Tuna, Prosciutto and Mozzarella, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto, Helena Ruth, Currid Egg and Provence.

Low fat sandwiches
This healthy yet delicious option is composed of Classic Smoked Salmon, Caprese, Goat Cheese and the Triple Delight.

Homemade pasta
This menu contains Spaghetti Pomodoro E Basilico, Gnocchi Ai Quattro Formaggi, Ravioli, Pappardelle Ai Funghi, Penne Al Salmone, Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca, Duo Di Pasta, Lasagna and Pargiana.

French salad
This fresh and nutritious menu is inclusive of Mimosa Spinach Salad, Tossed Salad, Caesar Salad, Coma’s Salad, Greek Salad, Smoked Salmon Salad, Salad Nicoise Our Style, Caprese Salad, Chef Salad and Prosciutto Salad.

Healthy side
This unique menu consists of Granola in a Bowl, Fruit Platter and Cereal in a Bowl.

For delicious meals and good ambiance visit La Boulangerie Boul Mich, the Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way French Bakery.

La Boulangerie Boul'Mich

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