The Best Low Fat Sandwich in Miami Aventura

The Best Low Fat Sandwich in Miami Aventura

They say that ‘You are what You eat’. The truth in that statement cannot be underestimated. It is important to mind what you eat and where you eat. Food is not all about satisfaction but there should be a story in every bite. La Boulangerie-Boul’Mich is one such bakery that promises satisfaction. It follows a French artisanal bakery concept and we all know that the French make delicious food.

Here are the best Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way low fat sandwich.

Classic Smoked Salmon

This low fat sandwich promises to keep your mouth watering. How it is presented alone will leave you speechless. Fish is healthy for you but Boul’Mich intends to take the healthy to a whole new level. It is served with cream cheese, capers, onions and lemon. You are guaranteed to enjoy this low fat sandwich.


This is another amazing Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way low fat sandwich. This sandwich of fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes will make you order another one. The Italian cheese is made from Italian buffalo milk is indeed sweet. The low fat sandwich is also spread with Pesto sauce

Goat Cheese

The name may not sound captivating but it is definitely worth your taste buds. The goat cheese is made from fresh goat milk. It is important to understand that goat milk is extremely healthy and it is even recommended more than cow milk. The fresh goat cheese is accompanied by olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers. This is one sandwich that you have to taste.

Triple Delight

This is one nutritious Miami Aventura Key Biscayne Coral Way low fat sandwich. Some folks think that you can’t get nutritious and delicious in the same plate. This sandwich promises to falsify that theory. The low fat sandwich comes with slices of avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh boiled eggs, and some olive oil. The triple delight is designed to delight you thrice and have no consequence to your health.

Here are a few things you should know about La Boulangerie-Boul’Mich.

The bakery follows a concept that has been around for more than 10 years in Miami.

It has a variety of food and beverages including bakery, pastries, pasta, fresh salad, deserts and much more.

The Miami Aventura Key Biscayne coral Way low fat sandwich is freshly made. They do not serve any products that are stale.

They provide a friendly relaxed environment in a space that combines earthly colors, light and an amazing atmosphere.

Its first store is located at Key Biscayne.

La Boulangerie Boul'Mich

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